The story of the four companies in the MEST Group


Tórshavnar Skipasmiðja:

After Mr. Kjartan Mohr found knowledge of shipbuilding in Denmark and had worked and built ships in Tórshavn he founded the company Tórshavnar Skipasmiðja. 

The shipyard was founded August 17, 1936 with Mr. Kjartan Mohr as director.  The new company decided to build ships in the Faroe Islands. 

When Mr. Kjartan Mohr passed away in 1979, took his son Mr. Poul Mohr over as director. 

As the ship yard in 2004 was sold to an investment company took his son Mr. Gunnar Mohr the position as the third-generation director.



Skála Skipasmiðja:

The first step to become Skála Skipasmiðja was in 1901. Two shipowners from Tórshavn bought an old slipway in England. 

In 1904 was the first ship on the slipway. 

In 1997 Tórshavnar Skipasmiðja bought Skála Skipasmiðja.





Vestmanna Skipasmiðja:

Vestmanna Skipasmiðja was founded in 1898. 

In 1986 Tórshavnar Skipasmiðja bought Vestmanna Skipasmiðja.







FJM Runavík:

FJM was founded in 1986 with the main objective to provide solutions for the fishing industry. 

Mostly in the stainless steel sector.

In 2004 Tórshavnar Skipasmiðja bought FJM Runavík.



The companies change name to MEST in 2008: 

In 2008 the group changed name to its current name: “MEST” which represents the main areas of activities: Machine, Electricity, Steel and Timber.

MEST is the story of four different companies – each with proud traditions – being merged into the MEST Group. Firstly the shipyards in Skála, Vestmanna and Tórshavn merged in the 1980’s and 1990’s – followed by FJM being taken over in 2004.

The main company “Tórshavnar Skipasmiðja” has been family owned over three generations – and is still managed by a person from the  “Mohr” family -  namely the current current CEO. The 51 year old Mr. Mouritz Mohr has been the CEO since 2010 – and has occupied a number of positions in the group over the past 30 years.