With frequent connections between the Faroe Islands and its neighbouring countries it is easy to do business with us.

By air - flights

There are frequent flight connections between Faroe Islands and its neighbouring countries. The main destinations from Faroes to Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Scotland are the following:

  • • Copenhagen
  • • Billund
  • • Ålborg
  • • Bergen
  • • Reykjavík
  • • Edinburgh

The flights to Copenhagen are the most frequent ones – 2-3 times each day. The connection to Bergen is 4 times a week and takes approx 1 hour and to Edinburgh twice a week and takes approx 1 hour and 20 minutes. All flights are by Airbus and undertaken by the government owned Atlantic Airways.

By sea – ships and ferries

Transport between Faroe Islands and the mainland is undertaken by the shipping lines Faroe Ship/Eimskip and Samskip – as well as the ferry company Smyril Line. This is a good network which is very reliable and has frequent arrivals in our neighbouring countries.

This overview gives an impression of the transport by sea:


This is the schedules for Faroe Ship. Samskip has a similar schedule. The ferry company, which also transports heavy articles, has a regular transport between Hirtsals in Denmark and the Faroes twice a week – and likewise to Iceland once a week.

Visit: Atlantic.fo, Fae.fo, Smyrilline.fo, Eimskip.fo and Samskip.fo


There are a number of modern hotels, including these:

Hotel Hafnia

email: hafnia@hafnia.fo
Phone: +298 313233




Hotel Torshavn

email: ht@hoteltorshavn.fo
Phone: +298 350000





Hotel Føroyar

email: hf@hotelforoyar.fo
Phone: +298 317500




Hotel Streym

Phone: +298 355500

Information about the Faroe Islands

Contact: visitfaroeislands.com

Information about the capital Tórshavn: visittorshavn.fo