ON & Offshore services  – MEST is your reliable partner

Oil rigs such as West Hercules and oil tankers such as Maersk Edgar are examples of recent succesful projects. Offshore rigs and supply vessels are now a part of MEST’s targeted business sectors


Having supplied high skilled personnel to the oil and gas industry in Norway since 1997 via its subsidiary PAM Offshore Service as well as having delivered two new supply vessels in 2008, MEST undertook in 2014 repair work on giant oil rig West Hercules as well as on oil tanker Maersk Edgar. The rig and the vessel were repaired while anchored in Skálafjord, the longest fjord of the Faroe Islands. These were two very different projects and - according to the customers - solved successfully.

Based on the feed-back from the above companies, these projects prove that MEST should play a more active role in the Offshore industry. This is in particular relevant as regards acitivities in the middle of the North Sea. The benefits for you as a customer are the following:

  • • Lower costs
  • • Location – near offshore rigs
  • • Modern facilities
  • • Language skills
  • • Reliable solutions


Please see TV spot from Faroese TV (KVF) below on this page.

This coverage was produced in connection with the West Hercules project in 2014.