MEST Shipyard to build the first electric workboat to Bakkafrost

MEST Shipyard to build the first electric workboat to Bakkafrost

MEST Shipyard won in the tender competition for building a “green” workboat to aquaculture company, Bakkafrost in the Faroe Islands

The winning concept is a catamaran workboat, which solely is based on electric power from batteries, said the Faroese Environment Agency, which was responsible for the tender process.

The tender competition was organized as part of a larger project by The Nordic Council of Ministers and The Government of the Faroe Islands. The purpose was to find power solutions to remote areas as the Faroe Islands which have to produce and use their own green power solutions – and which aren’t a part of the European power supply system.

Workboats for the aquaculture industry were chosen as an appropriate pilot area to use green energy sources – and Bakkafrost agreed to participate on behalf of the industry.

“It is our overall impression that the 4 competing manufacturers have put a lot of work effort into innovative thinking. New ideas on how an aquaculture workboat can operate without the use of diesel have emerged. This is very valuable for the aquaculture industry.”

“ A part of the winning concept is that the boat operates throughout the day and lies still and is charged at night - when there is a lot of electrical energy available.  Thus, the workboat helps to utilize wind and water energy better”, said The Environment Agency.

Source: 1 December 2020