HOFFELL major up-grade and repair work at MEST Shipyard

HOFFELL major up-grade and repair work at MEST Shipyard

Pelagic vessel Hoffell SU 80 from Fáskrúðsfirði has been at MEST Shipyard twice this year for major up-grade and repair work in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. MEST Shipyards flexibility to adapt their work plans and allow different dockings during the year is important to us, says Fleet Manager Kjartan Reynisson.

During the first visit in June, Hoffell was at MEST Shipyard during six weeks for surface treatment and painting from top of mast to keel. Classification work regarding propeller shaft was also undertaken.


In October/November Hoffell was at the shipyard again for major up-grade and repair work. The work was undertaken during 6 weeks at the quayside, where equipment such as the main reduction gear, harbour motor and generator were overhauled.

The work also included removal of the old RSW cooling system and installation of new RSW system including renewal of all electrical installations - for improved chill-down and storage of the catch. In this connection extensive piping work was undertaken. MEST also recalibrated the electrical actuators and integrated new alarms in the existing IAS system in order to improve the performance.


Some minor work in the accommodation area was done including the WC rooms.

The vessel left Tórshavn 17 November and is now in Reykjavík. The vessel is more or less transformed and ready for new challenges at sea, leaving the fleet manager, Kjartan Reynisson from Loðnuvinnslan a satisfied customer.

“We decided to dock the vessels at MEST Shipyard in the Faroe Islands because of the good experiences we have had with them during the last many years. They are flexible, practical and fast. The easy access to the Faroe Islands by ferry or flights from Reykjavík makes it very easy to follow the maintenance work in the Faroes”, Kjartan Reynisson said.