Jákup Sverri

Special purpose vessels

Classification NotationsOperationsMain characteristics
BV CARGOVESSELPelagic trawlingLength O.A. 54,09m
MEST RV5414 Special Service / Oceanographic and Fishing Research VesselBottom trawlingLength P.P. 52,29m
Unrestricted NavigationUnderwater Acoustic researchBeam MLD 13,60m
AUT-UMSPlankton samplingMax Draught 6,40m
DYNAPOS-SAMHydrographical operationsService speed 11 Knots
CLEANSHIPBottom samplingMax speed 14 Knots
NON-SHAFTAdditional operations withaux. equipment temporarily located on container area/other areas7 Decks, including Tank Top and Wheelhouse
URN-special vesselTowed body operations
DNV Silent-R Core operations
POLAR CAT-C ICESeismic Operations
ROV operations
Environmental operations
Machinery / PropulsionCapacitiesNavigation equipment Wartsila Lyngsø
2 x Wärtsilä 8L20 AUX GEN SETS á 1500 kV Crew + Guests 13 + 12GMDSS A3
Wärtsilä SAM – 1 x VEM (2x1664A – 2.400 kW) el-propulsion motorHold (Freeze and Cooling) ~88 x 300 l boxesSat compass and GPS nav.
Wärtsilä 5 bladed 3,6m D Fixed propeller Fuel oil ~350 m3Autopilot
Becker Marine Spade Type Rudder SystemFresh water ~75 m3Radars
EnsilageEnsilage tankEcho sounder
Bollard pull 27 tonnes at 5 knotsGT ~1900 tonnesPlotter system
NORDHAVN/Scania marine harbour/emergency genset 379 kVANT ~600 tonnes
BRUNVOLL Combined Tunnel/Azimuth Thruster 800 kW
DP system controlsAccommodationInsulation/ambient conditions inside & outside
Wärtsilä main propeller13 single cabins+32 oC to -25 oC
Becker Marine Rudder6 double cabins
Brunvoll Retractable azimuth thrusterHospital with 2 beds
Deck equipmentSpecial equipment factoryBottom Equipment
50 mm oak wooden deck covering on Trawl Deck and in HangarWet and Dry LaboratoriesMEST drop keel system (3m under bottom) for echo sounders and other misc. equipment. Capable of noiseless use (Silent-R) when sailing 11 knots.
Electrical driven Rapp Marine Winches:Gutting stationsKongsberg Fish-Finding and Scientific equipment:
• 1 ea. Anchor winchFish washing bins• Kongsberg EM712 – Seabed Mapping System
• 2 ea. CapstansSlurry ice System 3t/day• Kongsberg TOPAS PS18 – Sub-bottom Profiling
• 2 ea. Trawl winches á 30,6t / 40m/min 1.st layerCoolant/freeze of cargo hold• Kongsberg Seapath 380-R3 - Heading, Altitude and Positioning system
• 1 ea. Net drumEnsilage system• Kongsberg HiPAP 352P – Portable Acoustic Positioning system
• 1 ea. Portable NetdrumHigh Pressure Water Unit 0-90o • Ocean Surveyor ADCP – Current Profiling Measurement
• 6 ea. Sweep line and Gilson winches• Simrad EK80 – High Precision Scientific Sounder System
• 2 ea. Outhaul/mocness winches• Simrad ME70 – Multibeam Echo Sounder
• 2 ea. Net sounder winches• Simrad CS90 – Broadband Fish Finding Sonar
• 4 ea. Backstrap/Gilson hook winches• Simrad SU90 – Low Frequency Fish Finding Sonar
• 1 ea. Coring winch• Simrad FX80 – Trawl Video Feed
• 2 ea. CTD Winches• Simrad TV80 – Trawling operation tool
Offshore Crane, knuckle boom 6t / 18m
Cargo deck crane, stiff boom 3t / 7m
Stiff boom crane 4t / 6,3m
Offshore A-Frame in hangar 3T / 2,56m
4 x 4m Folding hangar door SB
Outboard service platform