Herd IMO ballast krøv fyri 2017.

Frá 2017 vera krøvini við spillvatn skipan umborð á skipum herd av IMO.

DESMI, sum MEST er umboð fyri hevur loysnir til hetta, og kunnu vit bjóða skipum hesa skipan.



Hettar skrivar DESMI um skipanina:


Ballast Water Treatment System

DESMI Ocean Guard's RayClean  - Ballast Water Treatment System

RayCleanTM Ballast Water Treatment System is the leading system in the marine industry with unrivalled treatment performance and lowest energy consumption in class.


RayCleanTM is IMO and DNV type approved and tested to meet the latest requirements and guidelines adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the US Coast Guard, from which the system also has earned the Alternate Management System (AMS) acceptance.

Easy and fully automatic operation

  • Proven effective in all water salinities – including freshwater
  • Proven tests in waters with UV-transmittance as low as 0.33
  • Patent-pending filtration procedure during de-ballasting
  • Cost-effective water treatment
  • Highly modular with small footprint
  • Simple & flexible installation - well suited for retrofit
  • No chemicals added
  • Low space requirements
  • Low power consumption